We love to cook and we love to serve!

The belief that a meal prepared to perfection, with the best ingredients, and all care by our Chefs is the base to our mission of providing tasty, fresh and easy-to-prepare meals that can make a difference in each customer's life.

It's amazing when we can eat with a clear conscience, knowing the ingredients, and the taste of homemade food made by an International Chef. 

Our Mission

Changing people's lives by selling tasty, easy-preparation and preservative-free food, contributing to a sustainable planet and healthier and satisfied customers.

Our Vision

To be the main food reference for everyday life, making people rediscover the pleasure of eating without feeling guilty.

Our Values

  • DIVERSIFICATION of our products always prioritizing QUALITY.
  • INNOVATION and FREEDOM to create.
  • PEOPLE respected, realized and committed so everyone can feel.

  • PLEASURE in what they do.

  • ETHICS is non-negotiable and MORAL is what makes us better.

Our leading team

    Two entrepreneurs coming together: a home-cooking aspiring Chef and a awarded Le Cordon Bleu Chef that have worked and owned different food businesses. 

    We believe we can make the world a better place by providing our clients a more practical, healthier and fresh way of eating.

    Get in contact!

    More than anything, we are here to serve you and make sure you are satisfied.

    We want to hear every word, every suggestion. Didn't like the size or the spices? Would love to see a different item on the menu?

    E-mail, phone, social media, ... We want to hear from you!